Worksite Wellness Programs  

Worksite Wellness Programs


If you’ve already got a corporate online wellness program and/or a health plan value added program, we can help make it better. Our health plan innovation services are all customized, so we can pick and choose components that fit with your situation.

Here are some ways we can help if you already have a worksite wellness program going strong:

How about adding emailed 30 day exercise programs?

Or, branded audio and video fitness routines?

Or, adding a nutrition tracking and assessment capability?

Or automated, customized learning modules to suit your plan's specific needs?

Or, how about using our tried and true wellness software and turnkey infrastructure to make your value added program more interesting, vibrant and, most importantly, clearly competitive in the context of Amazon Daily Deals™ or Living Social™ or any of the other web-based general discount programs.

If you’ve got a house, a home improvement center can make it better. If you’ve already got a health promotion or value added program, chances are we can help make it better. Please call or email us and let us know what challenges your plan is facing.

Do you have an existing program that you like? No problem, let’s see how we can make it even better.


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