Student Health Plans  

New Challenges for Student Health Plans


Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“Our plan must be more attractive than Health Insurance Exchange offerings to stay competitive.”

The Affordable Care Act gives students more health plan choices than ever before. It is critical that enrollment in your student health plan stays robust. An easy way to make your plan more attractive is to include a discount dental program. Help with dental costs is particularly important for graduate students.

“Referrals to community mental health providers are almost impossible to secure if the student can't pay out-of-pocket.”

Referring students to community providers is the number one problem for many counseling centers. The community providers you most want to send patients to simply don’t accept insurance, even from your student health plan! We can solve this problem by creating a custom mental health network that simplifies life for the counseling center, the community providers, and most importantly the students. Give us a call and we’ll explain how we create this win-win-win situation.

“We need to bolster our health promotion.”

Wellness services for student health is one of the most important aspects of a strong student health plan. Let us show you how to extend the depth and breadth of your health promotion by using highly customized web-based resources.

“We serve faculty and staff as well as students.”

Many student health centers are serving faculty and staff as well as students. Adding a customized health promotion wellness website can make your service even more valuable to your school. For example, in addition to regular health promotion content and processes, we can help you add worker safety and worker compensation resources as well.

Student health is in the middle of unprecedented change.
Let us know about your most pressing challenges.

Offer superior value to maintain and grow student health plan membership.


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