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Our BasixWellness service is a fully customizable health promotion and wellness website. Health and wellness promotion is a "top of mind" issue for health plans, consultants, brokers, employers and individuals. Clients expect your health plan to play an integral role in bringing online wellness services to their members. Through turn-key customization, our health insurance innovations can become yours, and at a lower cost than you might expect.

BasixWellness provides information and techniques to help members improve their weight management, nutrition and fitness. Helping members improve their health makes your health plan more valuable, in addition to controlling costs.

Our fully customizable web-based service cost-effectively leverages specialized knowledge to help individuals improve their health status. We combine "digitized knowledge" (articles, audio and video) with computerized processes to magnify the resources dedicated to online wellness.  We help members to:

  • Learn how their food choices affect their weight management efforts (we call it managing your energy).
  • Chart their daily energy consumption, and compare it to the recommendations of the Food Pyramid.
  • Hear recordings from award-winning nutritionists about the key ideas of energy management and weight loss.
  • Measure their current fitness level against recognized standards.
  • Enroll in 30 day coached video programs to improve strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Enroll in 30 day "quiz" programs to reinforce ideas like being active each day and improving food choices.
  • Manage company-specific activity challenges and wellness challenges -- for example organizing teams to attain goals in worksite wellness programs
  • Download dozens of professionally produced fitness routines (on video, mp3 files and PDF files). Download guided imagery relaxation audio files to help with sleep and relaxation.
  • Track diet/nutrition and general health measures with individualized reports.

And, best of all, our customization ability makes the website a seamless part of your health plan; our program looks and feels like you want it to with customizable graphics,  articles, downloads, etc.  We can even incorporate copy, audio and video content from your wellness staff and messages from health plan leadership. Call us to arrange a demonstration -- we think you'll be impressed with the capabilities and affordability.

Use BasixWellness to provide your members with a full featured health improvement web site!


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