Health Plans and Third Party Administrators  

Health Plans and Third Party Administrators


Our clients come to us with these kinds of challenges and questions:

“We need to be more competitive. How do we improve our offerings on Health Insurance Exchanges?”

If your plan is competing in health insurance exchanges, we can help set it apart and above your competition. Our value added programs can help members afford dental, vision and chiropractic care. Our innovative online wellness resources are particularly well-suited to young active people as well as those with a keen interest in improving their health.

“We need a solid health promotion presence.”

Big health plans have invested millions in health promotion resources. Your plan needs health promotion resources to compete, but they must be affordable. BasixWellness is comprised of fully customizable and powerful worksite wellness programs that will provide real health promotion resources very affordably.

“We have a value added benefit program, but it is dated.”

First generation value added benefit programs abound – many haven’t been updated in years. And, no wonder, with the complexity of the health insurance business, it’s easy to understand how value added benefit programs get overlooked. That’s where Basix can help. We can add components to your existing plan (how about emailed 30 day fitness programs, for example?) Or, we can completely update your program. Do you want to integrate health plan value added benefits and a corporate wellness program? Our resources are ideal.

“We compete with the 'big boys and girls'.”

The major health insurers have invested hugely in value added benefits programs and health promotion. Aetna has Vital Savings™, UHC has myuhc™, The BlueCross and BlueShield Association has created Blue365™, etc. If your plan competes with big health plans, you need robust business wellness programs and value added benefits. We’ve got both, and at amazingly affordable prices.

“Our clients are really getting pinched economically -- they expect us to deliver more while controlling costs.”

Value added benefits, discount dental and online wellness all represent powerful ways to improve the value of your health plan while adding little expense, because none of the services are covered benefits.

“We need services for our clients on an a’ la carte basis.”

If you make services available on an a’ la carte basis, we can help round out your offering. How about a customizable health promotion website? Or, a privately-labeled discount dental program? Want to include discount vision, chiropractic and other services? No problem, we’ve got the infrastructure and expertise to deliver.

Every plan’s situation is different. Tell us about the challenges of your market; We can help.

Improving health plan value while controlling costs = increased membership!


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