Health Plan Innovation  

Health Plan Innovation


We create health plan innovation using three key, comprehensive approaches.

First, value added programs for health plans. These are networks that save members money on non-covered benefits by accessing preferred pricing with providers. As members have more financial responsibility for services, these programs become increasingly pertinent. And, as a practical matter, if your plan competes with any of the major insurers, a strong value added program is a “must have”. For example, we think discount dental is the single biggest opportunity for health plan differentiation on health insurance exchanges, and in a number of other competitive situations. The way we do health care value added programs is unique, and yields a much more vibrant and interesting program, compared with “first generation” approaches.

Second, online wellness support and wellness website resources. Health promotion can yield real results in health care cost control. Our online wellness and health promotion programs are a cost-effective way to provide and reinforce the learning necessary for members to improve their health status. Our resources work with existing programs and help make staff more productive. If your health plan competes with major health insurers, or will have an offering on a health insurance exchange, having an interesting and deep selection of health promotion resources is a must. Or, if it’s important to attract active, health conscious people to your plan, our resources are ideal.

Third, custom health plan network development. There are situations where a custom network is a powerful solution to maximize the value of your health plan. We’ve been developing and operating custom health care networks for nearly 15 years. For example, do your members have trouble accessing mental health providers? This is a common situation, especially with student health plans. We have an elegant way to solve this dilemma.

Understand that this is just a cursory description of our services. Everything we do for our clients is customized to their specific needs, so we need some information about your situation to determine how we can help your company succeed. Give us a call - we’re eager to learn about your situation.

Three ways to make your plan better...


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