Health Plan Administrators  

Health Plan Administrators


Do any of these common scenarios ring a bell?

“We’re always interested in improving the value of our health benefits.”

We can help. Our value added benefits programs can bolster your value equation because we focus on provider pricing, without layering on the administrative cost inherent with covered benefits. Let us show you how the value added benefits mechanism can be used to give your members "half a loaf" on a variety of services including dental, vision, chiropractic and non-traditional care such as acupuncture. And, best of all, our programs don’t drive up claims costs and are simple for members to use.

“We believe in business wellness programs, but need greater resources.”

Health promotion is one of the best techniques for long-term cost control, but most employers don’t have resources, or the resources are generic. Our customized worksite wellness programs and health promotion websites incorporate content and processes directly pertinent to your business. After all, the health promotion issues faced by a 24/7 manufacturer are different than those required by a retailer. Some employers have highly specific worker safety and worker compensation issues. We can help managers and employees learn and adopt safer behaviors.

“We’re got high deductible plans, and want to help our employees afford care.”

The trend towards members bearing more of the cost of health care is clear. Employers can establish value added benefit programs to make member dollars go further.

“We’d like to investigate our own custom health care network.”

Do you have a self-funded health plan? Are your employees concentrated in a geographic area? There might be opportunities to develop your own health plan network.

All of our services are customized to maximize their value. Please call or email us to discuss your situation.

Health Plan Administrators: Take some of the "sting" out of high deductible plans.


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