Employee Benefit Consultants  

Employee Benefit Consultants


Your clients need to do more with less. It’s a rare company that doesn’t face the challenge of making benefit dollars go further. We have two solutions to help. Customized health plan value added benefits programs to save members money on non-covered services like dental, vision, chiropractic and alternative medicine. And, customizable full function corporate fitness and wellness websites. Plus, both solutions can help take the “sting” out of high-deductible health plans.

Worker safety is a big issue with most clients. Creating a safer working environment is essentially a learning process. Our business wellness programs can be customized to help both managers and employees learn about and embrace a culture of safety.

Expand your services and find new sources of revenue. If your firm makes services available on an a’ la carte basis, we can help round out your offering. How about a customizable health promotion website. Or, a privately-labeled discount dental program? Want to include discount vision, chiropractic and other services? No problem, we’ve got the infrastructure and expertise to deliver health plan innovation to your plan and its members.

Show your clients you are different and innovative. Workplace wellness programs and carefully crafted value added benefit programs can brilliantly illustrate how your firm is different – to both existing and potential clients. And, depending on your client’s situation, a customized health plan network might be the “home run” you’re looking for.

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